Appeals Policy

By using this website you agree to this policy - please read carefully
Introduction: If you are a User of Wild Girls Productions, this Appeals Policy ("Policy") forms part of your legal agreement with Wild Girls Productions ("we," "us," "our"). Carefully read this Policy in full it;

explains the procedures you must follow to appeal a content or account moderation decision.
explains how Wild Girls Productions handles those appeals.
Contact information: Wild Girls is operated by S and M Products,  at 578 Cheryl St. Potosi, Mo.63664. If you have questions about this Policy please contact us at support@Wild Girls
Interpretation: Unless specifically defined in this Policy, the meanings given to words defined in the Terms of Use for all Users have the same meanings in this Policy. The term "business days" means any day other than any Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday in England. A content or account moderation decision (“Decision”) means any action taken by Wild Girls Productions to:

deactivate an account,
deactivate Content shared to or from an account,
impose a final warning for a violation on an account,
restrict account features (for example, the ability to livestream), or
restrict the ability to monetise Content by preventing subscriptions or limiting your ability to accept certain types of payments.
Use: This Policy can be used in two ways:

by Wild Girls Productions Users who want us to review or reverse a Decision, or
by non-Wild Girls Productions-users in the EU/EEA who have complained about suspected illegal content on Wild Girls Productions and who disagree with Wild Girls Productions' Appeal response.
Applicability: Subject to the limitations in Clause 12 below, this Policy applies to all Decisions made by Wild Girls Productions. It also applies to users in the EU/EEA who complain about alleged illegal or non-consensual Content on Wild Girls and who disagree with our response to their complaint.
Appeal procedure: The only way to appeal a Decision is to complete and submit the Deactivation Appeal Form . An appeal cannot be considered without this form.
Required information: Only fully completed Deactivation Appeal Forms will be considered. Your Deactivation Appeal Form must include:

the URL or username of the account,
the URL of content subject to the appeal, and
detailed reasons why you believe your content or account is in keeping with the Wild Girls Productions Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.
Timing of appeals: All appeals should be filed within six months of our Decision.
Review process: If we receive a fully complete Deactivation Appeal Form:

we will review the relevant Wild Girls Productions account information,
we will consider the information and the supporting documents that you have provided,
we may request additional information or documents from you or from third parties to help us decide the appeal, and
based on the information, we will grant, grant in part, or deny your appeal, and we will notify you of our decision.
If we grant your appeal, we will reverse each relevant Decision and any actions taken as a result of each Decision.
If we grant your appeal in part, we will notify you of each Decision that has been reversed and any actions taken as a result.
If we deny your appeal, no Decision will change.
No liability: If your appeal is granted or granted in part, we are not liable for any interruption of access to your Wild Girls Productions account, including any loss of earnings or subscribers.
Appeals team: Our Appeals Team will consider each properly filed appeal based on the information provided in a non-discriminatory, diligent, and non-arbitrary manner.
Situations where a Decision cannot be appealed: This Policy does not apply to any irreversible Decision (for example, a Decision to end a livestream).
Additional procedures for users in the EU / EEA If you are based in the EU/EEA you may also file a complaint with a regulatory authority and/or seek a remedy via a certified third-party out-of-court dispute settlement body or the relevant courts in your country of residence/establishment.