Content Moderation Policy

By using this website you agree to this policy - please read carefully
Introduction: This document sets out Wild Girls Productions' Content Moderation Policy (“Policy”). This Policy explains when, why, and how Wild Girls Productions can moderate Content, and how Content that violates Wild Girls Productions' Terms of Service is handled. If you are an Wild Girls Productions User, this Policy forms part of your legal agreement with Wild Girls Productions. Please carefully read this Policy in full. Here are a few key things to note:

Our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines explain what is and what is not permitted on Wild Girls Productions.
Appeals concerning a decision to deactivate content, deactivate an account, or issue a final warning must be addressed by completing a Deactivation Appeal Form and are subject to our Appeals Policy.
Interpretation: Unless specifically defined in this Policy, the meanings given to words defined in the Terms of Service have the same meanings in this Policy.
When Wild Girls Productions moderates content: While Wild Girls Productions is a space for creators and fans to be who they are and express themselves freely, we moderate content to check if it complies with our Terms of Service, which includes our Acceptable Use Policy and Community Guidelines.
Why we moderate content: Wild Girls Productions enables creators to monetise their content and connect with their fanbase. To protect our User community, Wild Girls Productions can, but is not obligated to, moderate Content to comply with Wild Girls Productions' Terms of Service .
What content we moderate: At any time we can choose to review and remove Content that is shared on Wild Girls Productions, including text, audio, images, direct messages and videos.
How we moderate content: Wild Girls Productions uses state-of-the-art digital technologies paired with human moderation to check whether the Content is allowed. Our trained moderators identify and take action to remove any Content which they believe violates our Terms of Service.
What technology Wild Girls Productions uses to moderate content: We use a variety of technology tools to identify content which may violate our Terms of Service. These include:

"hashlists" and "stop words" (words banned on Wild Girls Productions) to scan media, audio, and text to block terms and images which are not permitted. "Hashlists" are collections of unique identifiers assigned to existing harmful online media, including non-consensual intimate images (NCII) and child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Text or media content that matches a bad "hashlist" and "stop word" will automatically be blocked from appearing on Wild Girls Productions.
image and text scanning technology tools help our human moderators prioritize the Content they review. These tools automatically scan media and text for potential violations of our Terms of Service. These potential violations can then be reviewed by human moderators prior to any decision to deactivate content.
Consequences of sharing improper Content: If a User shares Content that violates Wild Girls Productions Terms of Service, we may:

deactivate the Content,
issue a warning,
issue a final warning,
deactivate the account,
ban the account holder from the Wild Girls Productions platform.
If a User commits serious violations or repeatedly posts Content that violates Wild Girls Productions Terms of Service, we may suspend or terminate that User's account(s) and may prohibit that User from opening new accounts on Wild Girls Productions.

Some of the reasons we may remove content: We most commonly remove Content for violations of our Acceptable Use Policy, for example, Content that:

features a creator we cannot verify as 18+.
features a creator whose identity we cannot verify, including accounts or content which are wholly AI generated,
features a creator pretending to be under 18, even if this is role play or fiction.
is sexually explicit and includes a person who is not the verified creator and has not confirmed their age, identity or consent.
involves nudity in a public place, or around animals.
is illegal where you live or where the content was captured.
features blood or could be considered violent or extreme.
features weapons or illegal drugs.
features an everyday object being used in a way that is likely to cause harm, including using it as a sex toy.
refers to creators and fans meeting in person, including raffles and competitions.
Illegal Content: Wild Girls Productions will deactivate the Content and, where appropriate, will make a report to law enforcement. We report all suspected CSAM to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children through their Cyber Tipline. You can read more about how we comply with our data sharing obligations in our Privacy Policy and how we assist law enforcement.
Appeal of a Content Moderation decision: If you believe Wild Girls Productions incorrectly deactivated your Content or account, you can appeal the decision by completing an Wild Girls Productions Deactivation Appeal Form in accordance with our Appeals Policy.